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Neuropathic pain is a chronic condition that affects the nervous system. Ketamine treatment for neuropathic pain can help with this condition by reducing inflammation and providing relief from symptoms. It also has been shown to improve cognitive function in those suffering from migraine headaches.

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find ketamien clinic near me for pain
Ketamine for chronic pain management near me

Facts About Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain is a chronic and often severe type of nerve pain. It typically occurs after an injury or other illness that affects the nerves.

The symptoms of neuropathic pain can vary, but people who experience it may feel burning or tingling sensations, cramping, sharp pains, coldness numbness, and deep aching.

Neuropathic pain is a type of chronic pain that originates in the nervous system. The most common causes for neuropathic disorders are back injuries or surgeries, diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. This type of pain is often characterized as one of burning, stabbing, radiating, or shooting sensations in the spine region. Treatments include medications combined with useful psychological interventions.

The symptoms of neuropathic pain are numbness, tingling, and pain. Neuropathic pain can be experienced as stabbing or sharp tightness.

Neuropathic Pain is described as feeling like an electric shock in the affected parts of the body. This electric shock usually feels very intense because nerves no longer produce enough “calming signals”. Neurons also release too many “pain signals” which create this over-sensitivity to touch.

How Does Ketamine Help Neuropathic Pain

Ketamine is classified as an NMDA receptor antagonist and GABA receptor modulator. Ketamine actually works to inhibit the release of glutamate, which dampens pain impulses in the brain—similarly to a gas pedal halting movement when depressed. Inhibiting glutamate also blocks N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, hence its classification as an NMDA receptor antagonist.

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find ketamien clinic near me for pain
find ketamien clinic near me for pain

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