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The feeling of being alone can be isolating and stressful–especially when you have a social anxiety disorder (SAD). Anxiety affects approximately 12% of Americans who have trouble connecting socially either due to fear, avoidance behaviors, or anxious thoughts about interactions before they happen.

Ketamine infusions can be used to treat severe cases of anxiety when other medications have not worked. It has been shown in studies to have rapid, dramatic effects on mood and thoughts. Ketamine is also an effective treatment for a variety of chronic pain conditions.

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Facts About Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental health condition in which individuals experience excessive and well-founded fear or stress. Emotions of anxiety include tension, worry, panic fantasies, racing thoughts and physical symptoms such as aches, palpitations, dizziness and nausea.

Anxiety is the result of an internal state that shifts towards increased reactivity to stressors and away from a sense of safety in the world. Those who become generally anxious have what’s called “sensitization” -a heightened response to future stressful events; for example after anxiety attacks past triggers turn into events that can induce anxiety at any time (even with no specific trigger). This makes someone prone to having generalized anticipatory anxiety across different life experiences.

It is not clear what causes anxiety. Reasons that have been studied and suggested include genetics, personality, social factors, medical illness, drugs or substances that a person may use to self-medicate such as alcohol.

Genetics: Heritability is estimated at 40% for panic disorder and it is about 74% for generalized anxiety disorder.

Personality: Trait anxiety in people disposed to develop lifelong anxieties was predictive of onset of later life worries while neuroticism/negative emotionality were the best predictors of lifetime prevalence.

Social Factors: Children raised in high socioeconomic circumstances have lower rates of emotional disorders than those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds who experience more parental caregiving and support during difficulties

Symptoms of anxiety are: restlessness, irritability, feeling tense or keyed up always expecting something to go wrong, difficulty concentrating on tasks, tension headaches, muscle tension, and sleeping poorly. Anxiety is a natural response to the unfamiliar and threatening. Anxiety can be uncomfortable for many but not as debilitating for others.

How Does Ketamine Help Anxiety?

Scientists have long been trying to figure out the answer. One theory is that by blocking NMDA receptors in your brain, you are able to increase production of glutamate which has an integral role in controlling depression and anxiety.

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Find ketamien clinic near me for pain
Find ketamien clinic near me for pain

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